The Technical Writing Workshop
Now includes sections on: Simplified Technical English and Global English Writing Style

Unique training opportunity for Technical Communicators, Technical Writers

Are you working professionally as a technical writer, technical editor, information engineer or technical translator?
Are you producing technical documentation in English?

The Aim
This course will give you the English language skills you need to do the job correctly, accurately and more efficiently than before. You will learn how to write technical instructions, process descriptions and technical function descriptions – the core skills necessary to be a successful technical communicator.

The Course
This course is a series of four course days (2x2) combined with realistic written assignments spread over a period of six weeks (equivalent to 2 additional course days). The written assignments are sent to the course leader for detailed analysis and individual feedback. The feedback helps to identify the specific aspects of technical English that the participant needs to focus on and improve. But the focus is also on the structure of the technical text itself, what is required for good quality technical information, the norms and conventions that apply to technical documentation of a high standard. This course is a unique training opportunity that will considerably increase your technical writing competence.

The Participants
To date, approximately 600 technical writers have attended The Technical Writing Workshop. Many have been experienced technical writers, including a large number of consultants, while others have just recently started their careers in technical information. The course evaluations clearly show their appreciation of the course content, input and organization.

The Course Leaders
The course is written and run by Declan Madden with over thirty years experience of English language training in companies in Sweden. Neill Dronsfield of English Communications has recently joined Declan Madden to run the course.

Course Dates
Demand for The Technical Writing Workshop still remains high.
The course was run in Stockholm, in Tumba and in Linköping during autumn 2017.
Enquiries for the course continue to come in. We already have some tentative bookings for places in 2018.

Course dates first half year 2018:
Malmö: 13-14 Feb and 20-21 March
Stockholm: 6-7 March and 10-11 April
Linköping: 24-25 April and 29-30 May

The course consists of 4 course days and 6 written distance assignments. The 6 written assignments are a central part of the course and are equivalent to 2 extra course days.

The course can also be run as an in-house training course.

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